Cheap Travel Tips - For Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Whether it be for business or pleasure, the vast majority of us spend some part of our lives travelling, sometimes over extremely long distances. Therefore, the desire to find the cheapest travel available is natural. Aside from trawling the internet travel comparison sites for the best deal, there are several other easy to pursue tips for minimising your travel costs, whether, like Steve Martin and John Candy in that great movie, you are going by trains planes and automobiles!

Train Travel

The best advice for making a reservation for a train journey is to book early. Some great deals can be obtained by booking well in advance of your departure date, if it is possible to do so. You may even be able to book a First Class ticket for less than a Standard Class ticket by booking early.

Secondly, you should avoid travelling on the train at peak times. Tickets for these times (generally covering the period when people travel to and from work) tend to be significantly more expensive than off-peak trains.

Thirdly, check the online train reservation sites to ascertain whether it is cheaper to book your rail tickets in segments, rather than simply pay for a through ticket to your final destination. By booking a ticket from Station A to A and then another from Station B to C can often be cheaper than booking one ticket from Station A to C. It is well worth checking it out.

Plane Travel

Of course, there are many travel comparison sites offering cheap airline travel. Similarly, there are many low-cost airlines now in operation. It is worthwhile spending a little time, however, to check just what your flight includes. If you consider the following matters, you may well be able to save money.

Baggage - what is the baggage allowance for your flight? Is it free? If not, how much will it cost for to take checked luggage and cabin luggage? What are the penalties for exceeding your allowance?

On board facilities - do you receive complimentary refreshments? If not, what is the cost of food and beverages? Do you receive free headphones for your entertainment system? If not, ascertain the cost and, if you have any available from previous flights, take your own.

Tickets - is there a supplement charged fro buying your ticket with a credit card or debit card? Do you have to pay for online check-in and/or airport check-in? If so, how much?

Transfers - how far is the airport from your final destination? What are the likely transfer costs? Are there any flights that go to more proximate airports?

Automobile Travel

The most expensive component of automobile travel cost is fuel. Therefore, before you embark on your journey, fill up at the cheapest filling station in your locality. At the same time, fill up a petrol. This will serve you well on your journey if you need to top up your fuel because you have not been able to find a reasonable priced filling station. Of course, it will also drastically cut your recovery costs in the event that you are unfortunate enough to run out of fuel.

Secondly, if embarking on a lengthy journey, it may ultimately save you substantial cost if you join a motor recovery scheme. The cover will normally last you a year and will save a significant amount should you have a breakdown on your travels.

Thirdly, check your tyre pressure before departure. Not only will this make your journey safer but proper tyre pressure also reduces fuel consumption.

Finally, use the air conditioning wisely. Air conditioning use has a draining effect on your fuel reserves.


Whilst the cost of travel is a necessary evil, if we want to go on vacation or are obliged to attend an important business meeting, it is hoped that by following these tips you will be able to access the cheapest travel - by trains, planes and automobiles!

Travelling Tips For Women

Travel tips for women travellers starts from choosing a hotel. Women before staying in a hotel should know the details about the hotel's management and should have proper introduction with the women employee there. The hotel room should have privacy for guests getting in. No one should be able to know the person's name, phone number or any personal details. The women workers should move friendly with the host so that it will be easy for us to survive there.

To avoid robbery during staying in the hotel lock your valuable thing in the safety locker and keep the key with you. While using the elevator stand behind the elevator buttons, so that during emergency if you push the buttons with your back it will be helpful.

While walking in the streets, act smartly so that you do not look like a tourist. Avoid wearing gold ornaments. To enquire about directions approach any families or old persons. If you are attacked by strangers shout aloud so that people around can hear and help you.

Transportation is the important thing where you should keep your things safe.

Use covered luggage tags. During night travels, keep your valuable things in your waist pouch. While travelling in a car do not show your guide notes or maps to the driver, as in many places drivers act as robbers.

Women should be very careful while travelling alone in car. Lock your car doors while driving; never open your front door when some unknown person knocks. Be alert in parking lots, do not trust well dressed strangers.

If you suspect that you are been stalked then immediately approach the near by police station. Give them a complaint with the identification of the person whom you suspected.

Get to know about your neighbours so that they may help you in case of emergency.

Don't answer the phone call without hearing the "hello" voice. Always have a mobile with you so that you can keep in touch with your friends.